Direct to Garment Printing

Quick turnaround – Direct to Garment (DTG) printing only requires the specialist DTG inkjet printer, the ink and the garment in question. The direct nature of the process makes it much quicker, so if you need your garments in a hurry we can get them to you without a problem.

Designs with complex colour schemes can be printed – DTG printing makes it possible for you to use a full palette, making it perfect for printing things like photographs onto fabric.

Short print runs are possible – Because there isn’t the initial set up cost or preparation time taken to get started, we’re able to offer much shorter runs of less than 50 at highly cost-effective prices.

Most colour garments can be printed onto – DTG printing provides the potential to print onto virtually any colour of garment, so you can create the design that you really want, rather than the one that circumstances force upon you.

Accurate, high-quality results – Because the artwork or design is printed onto the garment directly from a digital image, it is possible to accurately recreate the initial design.

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